Riding Lessons

Riding is Fun

Riding horses is exhilarating, and will challenge you physically and mentally. Good horseman spend a lifetime learning how to improve their riding. There is always more to learn!

Learn to ride or further your horse riding skills and knowledge. Our professional, qualified instructors are keen to share their love and knowledge of horse riding with you.
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Top Quality Care

Happy horses and ponies! Ample turnout to allow them time to be horses and be a part of the herd.

Experienced staff and top notch facilities make this a wonderful place to enjoy your horse.

Drama free environment where everyone is treated with the utmost respect.

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LEASING & Part-boarding

Ready to Do More

Part-boarding or leasing is an excellent next step in your riding development before buying your own horse. It gives you a chance to have practice rides where you can work on the skills you are learning in your lessons.

This is also a great option for children who are still growing. Part-board or lease a pony, then once you are fully grown you can purchase a horse of your own.

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I am very impressed with the care and professionalism of this facility. As a mature rider I appreciate the beautiful environment, friendly atmosphere and dedication to the horses, riders and their families. Spending time with my horse family at the barn gives both me and my horse great happiness.
Linda K.
My daughter started riding at Hunter Green 3 years ago and it was the best decision ever. There is no stress or pressure to perform well. Everyone is so friendly and sincere. She rides to make herself happy and she has learned more about horses and their care than she ever learned at other places.
Tani S.
I've been at HGEC for almost seven years and I really could not imagine being anywhere else! They have taught me how to really ride, and feel confident to get on any horse and do well. Not only has riding at HGEC allowed me to improve my riding skills and horse care knowledge, but I was given the opportunity to ride a feisty little Thoroughbred mare,who would eventually end up become my dream first horse...
I have been able to achieve things with my horse that I never thought possible! A big thank you to HGEC for allowing me to achieve and set new goals for my riding career, and preparing me all these years to be able to finally show my own horse on the A Circuit! I could have never done it without them!
Amanda F.