Our School Horses & Ponies

  • Mocha

    Registered Name:
    Bulteal's Mocha Swirl
    Welsh Mountain Pony Mare
    12.2 H

    Mocha is an absolute dream pony.
    She can do anything.
  • Gen

    Registered Name:
    Bulteal's Ginseng
    Welsh Mountain Pony Gelding
    11.1 H

    Gen is a truly extraordinary pony.
    Welsh Section A Champion.
  • Splash

    Show Name:
    North of Superior
    Quarter Horse Mare,
    14.2 H

    Sweet girl, honest and so smooth.
  • Joey

    Show Name:
    Joey Pony
    Shetland/Exmoor Gelding
    9.3 H

    Full of personality.
    Too cute for words.
  • Luna

    Show Name:
    Luz de Luna
    Grade Mare
    14.2 H

    Super cute.
    Reliable Fun Pony.
  • Teacup

    Registered Name:
    Cwmfelen Montrose
    British Riding Pony Gelding
    14.1 H

    Elegant movement.
    A real super star.
  • Big John

    Show Name:
    Big John
    Hanoverian/Belgian Gelding
    17.3 H

    Very mellow and easy going. Big John is a big boy with a big heart!
  • Spring

    Show Name:
    Miss Spring
    Arab / Thoroughbred / Hanoverian Mare,
    15.2 H

    Very sweet disposition. Full sister to Firefly.
  • Firefly

    Show Name:
    Arab / Thoroughbred / Hanoverian Mare,
    15.1 H

    Full sister to Spring. Lovely steady girl.
  • Sparkles

    Registered Name:
    Thoroughbred Mare,
    15.2 H

    Sparkles is a pleasent young mare with loads of heart.
  • Decew

    Registered Name:
    Decew Falls
    Thoroughbred Gelding,
    17.1 H

    Decew is an honest, steady, boy with lots of scope.
  • Tod

    Registered Name:
    Thoroughbred Gelding,
    15.2 H

    Talented and energetic. Tod is full of personality.
Riding Lessons


Select horses & ponies are available for lease on our farm.

Leasing provides an opportunity to get a taste of horse ownership without the long-term financial commitment of purchasing a horse.

This is ideal for high school students who anticipate going away to school in the future. It is also an excellent opportunity for those "Rusty Stirrups" to get back into riding.


Part Boarding

We have horses & ponies available for part-board on our farm. Occasionally our boarded horses are available for part board as well.

Part-Boarding allows you to spend extra time with that special horse or pony you love.

In addition to your lessons, you will be able to have practice rides where you can practice your skills.


riding lessons

We have a wonderful group of lesson horses and ponies to suit the needs of each rider.

We take great pride in our school horses and are dedicated to their happiness and welfare. Each of them are incredibly well looked after and are treated as the individual characters that they are. They are not overworked and have plenty of relaxation and turnout time. We would be happy to introduce you to them!

How do I get started?

  • Call 905-749-4432 to book an appointment
  • Come to the barn to meet us and see our facilities
  • Discuss your riding experience and goals with us
  • Pick the appropriate program
  • Schedule your lesson time
  • Join the Hunter Green family