riding lessons

  • Riding & Horsemanship

    We teach English style horseback riding in a safe, structured, encouraging and family oriented atmosphere with focus on the positive. Our students are taught how to effectively communicate with their horse. We do not just teach students how to go around the ring on a "push button" horse or pony where the horse or pony knows the routine and the rider is just a passenger.

    In riding, self improvement is never ending. The rider is ultimately responsible for their own learning. We offer a flexible learning system where riders can progress at their own pace to meet their own goals.

    Horses have so much to teach us - much of which is learned in the barn, not in the arena. Horseback riding and caring for horses teaches responsibility, patience, discipline, empathy, compassion, and dedication.

    All beginner students are taught grooming techniques, the basics of tack and how to tack up a horse. Riders are responsible for grooming and tacking their assigned horse or pony before their lesson and for caring for them as required afterward. This is great training for students who have a goal of owning their own horse.

    At Hunter Green we will match you with one of our lesson horses or ponies that are suited to your needs and riding ability. Once we determine the appropriate match, we will often schedule your lessons on the same horse or pony. This allows you to get to know your mount and to bond with them.

    The welfare of our school horses is of paramount importance. Riders must follow instruction and act appropriately - especially where the horse or ponies safety and physical or metal well-being are involved.

    We demand an attitude of mutual respect amungst our riders and all involved at Hunter Green. Our barn is an enjoyable, inviting place where all can feel at ease and where our riders can learn to shine!

    Meet Our School Horses & Ponies

  • Who can take riding lessons ?

    Lessons are available to children eight years of age and older, through to adults.

    All you need to start is a safety approved riding helmet, boots with a heel, riding gloves and a crop. Of course a positive attitude and big smile are also basic requirements!

  • A beginner lesson might include:
    • grooming techniques
    • tacking up your horse
    • steering your horse
    • walking, rising and sitting trot
    • basic jump position
    • trotting poles
    • riding circles, loops, straight lines
  • A novice or intermediate lesson might include:
    • riding a basic level dressage test
    • jumping cross rails and small fences
    • negotiating a hunter/jumper course
    • standard first aid of horses
    • in depth tack knowledge
    • basic lunging and long line techniques
  • An advanced lesson might include:
    • advanced jumping skills
    • executing training level dressage test
    • extensive work without stirrups
    • advanced lunge line and long line techniques
    • actively involved in backing and training upcoming horses and ponies
    • course design

Lesson Programs

Choose the lesson program that suits your needs

Hunter Green offers several lesson options. Save by signing up for one of our packages. We also offer a Trial Lesson Program for those new to riding or new to our barn.

How do I get started?

  • Call 905-749-4432 to book an appointment
  • Come to the barn to meet us and see our facilities
  • Discuss your riding experience and goals with us
  • Pick the appropriate program
  • Schedule your lesson time
  • Join the Hunter Green family

Lesson Rates

Trial Program
Give riding at Hunter Green a try!

Lessons * Rate +HST
3 $175.00
(Note: Helmet rentals are available, if you are not ready to buy your own.)

6 Month Program
Hunter Green offers a 6 month group lesson program. Save money by signing up for your lessons in advance.

per month*
per month +HST
4 $175.00
8 $330.00
Full payment in advance required.
We no longer accept monthly post dated cheques.

3 Month Program
Hunter Green offers a 3 month group lesson program. Save money by signing up for your lessons in advance.

per month*
per month +HST
4 $210.00
8 $400.00
Full payment in advance required.
We no longer accept monthly post dated cheques.

Regular Month-to-Month Program
Weekly group lesson on one of our school horses or ponies.

per month*
per month +HST
4 $250.00

Private Lessons
30 minute private lesson. Limited availability. Month-to-month basis only.

per month*
per month +HST
4 $360.00

  • Please Note:

    * Lessons may be rescheduled in advance, pending availability.
    * Rescheduled lesson must be taken within the same program period.
    * Notice of lesson cancellation must be received by phone no later than 2 p.m. on the lesson day for weekday evening lessons and no later than 6 p.m. the prior evening for weekend lessons. Lessons will not be rescheduled if the required cancellation notice is not given.

    Conditions apply to all programs. Please contact us for details.

For group lessons the actual lesson length is based on the number of students in the class on the day.
Number of Students
in Class
Approximate Lesson Length
1 30 minutes
2 to 3 45 minutes
4 to 5 1 hour

Part Boarding

6 Month "Better Than Part-Board" Program
Why do we say this program is "Better Than Part-Boarding"?

We match you with a suitable horse or pony and schedule your lessons and practice rides on that horse or pony. You will get to know them and love them, but in the event that they cannot be ridden you can take your lesson on another horse/pony. This is a benefit over traditional part-boarding or quarter-boarding where you would only be able to ride your part-boarded horse.

per month*
Practice Rides
per month
Rate +HST
4 8 $375.00 **
8 4 $425.00 **
** Plus half of the farrier and vet fees for the part boarded horse.
You must ride at a sufficient level to safely have unsupervised practice rides.
Post dated cheques or full payment in advance required


Select horses & ponies are available for lease on our farm.
Leasing provides an opportunity to get a taste of horse ownership without the long-term financial commitment of purchasing a horse.

This is ideal for children who are still growing and will eventually outgrow their pony or high school students who anticipate going away to school in the future. It is also an excellent opportunity for those "Rusty Stirrups" to get back into riding.

Leasing is offered at the same rate as our boarding. We do not charge any additional lease fees. You will have exclusive use of the leased horse.

Program Rate +HST Minimum 4 Lessons/Services
Per Month Package Required

1 Year Lease

Horse on Indoor/Outdoor Board
PlusĀ  vet, farrier, upkeep & show fees as applicable
4 Lessons/Services per month $175.00

1 Year Lease

Horse on Standard Board
PlusĀ  vet, farrier, upkeep & show fees as applicable
4 Lessons/Services per Month $175.00